KISSCrypt, the file encryption
software for Windows.


This Windows program KISSCrypt is breaktgrough software for encrypt and decrypt your sensitive files. This program is useful for every single computer user in the world.

The user selects any files for encryption and enters the encryption password. The files are then encrypted. The program can encrypt even multiple files by selection more files in the file open dialog box. Files are encrypted and stored in place of original files with the same suffix. The program uses AES-256 encryption. This kind of encryption is very secure, used even by US government and other institutions. I recommend to use strong passwords when encrypting your sensitive data. Please don't forget your encryption password otherwise the program will not be able to decrypt your data later.

The program can decrypt one or multiple files together also by selection one or multiple files for decryption. Password for decryption must by the same like the password chosen for encryption otherwise program shows error message.

Release notes:

Since the version 1.01 the program is equipped with musical background.

Program is tested in Windows 7/8.1/10. The .NET 4.0+ is used.

You may simply download the software, then unzip and put the exe to any folder on your hard drive, and start to use. No installation is required. The download does not contain any virus, spyware, adware or malware.


Executable only:


License Agreement:

Program KISSCrypt is free for noncomercial usage. The commercial users will pay. You are granted unlimited rights to use KISSCrypt. All files must remain intact and unmodified from the original as distributed by the author.

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